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Anti-Virus Utilities

This page contains utilities that can be very useful when trying to cope with a Virus outbreak on your PCs or Servers.

Check out the Symantec Virus Removal Tools at: http://www.symantec.com/downloads/index.jsp

There are several Symantec Virus Removal Tools available, depending upon what particular variant has infected your PC or Server.

Keep your Anti-Virus up-to-date with the latest Virus Definitions and Security Updates at: http://www.symantec.com/business/security_response/definitions.jsp

For those visitors who like Start Trek and are members of the Klingon empire, check out the Klingon Anti-Virus software from Sophos.


This is a free Virus, Spyware and Adware scan for all members of the Klingon empire.

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On-Line Security Test


This URL provides a link to the Symantec Security Check site: http://security.symantec.com/sscv6/default.asp?langid=ie&venid=sym

The Security Check can perform a basic penetration test on your computer or network and will advise on what action to take to eliminate threats.

If you need assistance performing a Security Check on your PC or Network, please call Brennan IT Services Limited or send an email to support@bitsltd.ie


Ant-Virus Removal Tools


This page contains links to the Symantec Anti-Virus Removal Tools page


  • Viruses have become increasingly complex and virus infections involve more system elements than ever before.
  • Symantec Security Response has developed tools to automatically conduct what would often amount to extensive and tedious manual removal tasks. If your system has become infected, the tools listed at the URL above should aid you in repairing the damage.

McAfee Stinger


McAfee Stinger Utility

  • Stinger is a stand-alone utility used to detect and remove specific viruses.
  • It is not a substitute for full anti-virus protection, but rather a tool to assist administrators and users when dealing with an infected system.
  • Stinger utilizes next generation scan engine technology, including process scanning, digitally signed DAT files, and scan performance optimizations.
Download stinger.exe

Speed Test


Use Speed Test to check the real speed of your Internet connection: http://www.speedtest.net/

See if you are getting the Internet service that you pay for or share your results with others.


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