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Service Offerings Service Offerings

The list below outlines some of the Service offerings available from Brennan IT Services Limited.

Project Management Services

Brennan IT Services Limited, in conjunction with Sabeo Consulting Services and IT Force, have provided Project Management Services to a mobile telecommunications service provider with over 1,000 employees and financial services companies with less than 50 employees and more than 5,000 employees since 2005. We are proud to say that our customers were very pleased with our work.

Network Support Services including Remote Network Support Services

Note: Brennan IT Services Limited are a Certified Microsoft Partner and a Microsoft Small Business Specialist.  

ICT Audit & Health Check Service

Complete review of current IT Infrastructure with focus on: 

  • Business needs review - does your IT infrastructure support your business or cause you headaches?
  • Age and status of current Server hardware and software (if any)
  • Capacity and capability of Network Switches and Hubs (if any)
  • Anti-Virus configuration, deployment and updates – how up-to-date and secure is your system?
  • Capability of desktop and laptop PCs – will they support the new Vista Operating System?
  • Content Management, including E-mail and URL checking

We will also advise on Firewall configuration and Intrusion Detection options

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

We Design, Implement and Test Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery solutions to suit individual business needs. We have designed, tested and implemented solutions for Windows Servers, Exchange 2003, Lotus Domino and Internet Mail systems as well as AS/400 iSeries, HP-UX Oracle Servers and WAN communications for remote locations. All of the above solutions can be customised and scaled for small, medium and large enterprises.

Anti-Virus Management

  • Selection of best Anti-Virus software solution for your business
  • Installation, configuration and deployment of Anti-Virus solution on your Servers, desktop and laptop PCs
  • Management of the Anti-Virus updates to ensure that you maintain your level of protection

We have helped small companies with only 5 PCs and large enterprises with over 5,000 PCs.  We can help you too.

Installation & Configuration Service

  • Installation, Configuration and Testing of Windows based Servers, Desktops and Laptops prior to deployment with 'standard' Office software suite.
  • Installation, Configuration and Testing of Network switches, including LAN configuration and documentation. 
  • Installation and configuration of Secure Remote Access and VPN (Virtual Private Network)
  • Installation and configuration of AS/400 iSeries connectivity (LAN, WAN & Dial-Up). 

Infrastructure & Network Design Service

LAN and WAN Infrastructure design, implementation and support. Includes Network topology, Domain, Server specification and configuration and Routers. We provide a complete Infrastructure Design service, from Cabling to Network Switches to Servers and Routers.

Windows Server Migration Service

With many years experience of installing, configuring, migrating and managing Network Servers, we can help you with your Windows NT or Windows 2000 Server migration plan and with the implementation of Windows Server 2003 Small Business Edition up to Enterprise Edition.

Exchange 2003 / Lotus Domino Services

With over 19 years experience of installing and configuring email systems (from ccMail to Lotus Notes 4.x & 5.x to Exchange 5.5 and 2003) in small and large enterprises, we are well placed to support and enhance your email environment, which ever you use. 

Security Policies

Development and implementation of IT Security Policies for Windows Server environments (NT, 2000 & 2003), Exchange 2003 and Lotus Domino email and Internet Acceptable Usage policies as well as Remote Access and VPN Security.

We can highlight possible confidentiality breaches that may be taking place, e.g. disclosure of customer information, trade secrets to competitors and future employers.


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